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Police Claimed They ‘Lost’ Video of Officers Torturing Handcuffed Man with a Taser But That Was a Lie

  When  an individual  is charged by police and  there's  no bystander video evidence,  it's  that person's word against the officer's. In nearly all cases, courts will take the officer's word over the alleged criminal and as a result, countless innocent people have done time in prison. Police also maintain control over body camera footage and as Aaron Maughan's case illustrates, if police claim the footage was lost,  it's  up to you  to seek out  it. In 2017, Maughan admitted to eluding police and was taken into police custody while being  one hundred pc  compliant. The fact that he complied with the officer's orders however, was no defense against his subsequent torture. Video, which was thought to be "Lost" now shows what happened while Maughan was taken into custody and as a result,  the fees  -  that  he did time in jail for - were dropped. According to police, Maughan eluded them during a traffic stop in an off-road pursuit but was found