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Mother of ‘ER’ Actress Sues After Police Kill Her During Welfare Check, As She Had a ‘Seizure’

In the wake of neglecting to see the officials considered responsible for murdering her, the casualty's mom is presently suing. Vanessa Marquez, 49, hadn't hurt anybody when police appeared at her South loft on that premonition day back in August 2018. "Marquez was in her home staying out of other people's affairs and as opposed to getting help from clinical experts, she was shot to death". Adding to the alarming sort of this call for the help Was the way That selon Los Angeles District Sheriff's Specialization Lt.  Joe Mendoza, when police showed up at the loft of Marquez on that Thursday evening, she was having a seizure. "It created the impression that the female was gravely debilitated, " Mendoza said. As per the video, Marquez is heard educating police something concerning a "seizure" and begging cops "don't take me to the emergency clinic". A couple of moments into the deadlock, the officials reveal to Marquez that

Access Hollywood- Analysis of fatal Pasadena Shooting

Don’t forget to vote. Check me out on Access Hollywood tonight discussing fatal shooting of actress Va nessa Marquez by Pasadena PD