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3 Injured as Cop Opens fire on Crowded avenue to Kill a canine — Taxpayers Held responsible

  Last December, a Sacramento  watcher , and an innocent man got early Christmas presents from a California cop  within the   kind of  a bullet after the cop tried to kill the innocent man’s dog outside a Safeway  foodstuff . Now, because the cop was never held  in command of  his actions, the taxpayers of Sacramento are footing the bill. It was reported  in the week  that Kevin Cole — the innocent man whose dog was shot by police and who was hit with  the identical  round — received a $99,000 settlement. “The city had been working toward  a good  and reasonable resolution  to the current  case and feels that was achieved with this settlement,” city spokesman Tim Swanson said in an email to the Sacramento Bee. The incident all started when a  watcher  at the  market  called the police over Cole’s refusal  to go away  the front of  the shop .  the shop  thought Cole was homeless but he  wasn't . “It’s another example of an outrageous police response to a rather simple situation,” sa