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CSO condemns police for assault on FCT minister's driver and wants a transparent probe

HURIWA stated in a media statement that the Commissioner of Police in the FCT may have been told a different but false story by the police operatives responsible for the severe physical brutality meted out to the driver of the Honourable Minister of State for the FCT because the signal reaching our desk suggests that the FCT police hierarchy may have sided with the heinous and despicable crimes against human rights. HURIWA has said that it would pursue the case to ensure justice is served. "The incident happened on August 18, 2022, in the APC National Party secretariat, where Her Excellency, the Minister of State, FCT, Hajia Ramatu Tijni Aliyu was present as a member of the committee set up to help the North-West."Outside of the event site, it was alleged that one of Her Excellency's drivers was being beaten up and falsely and criminally accused of being a thief while surrounded by police officers and other citizens. The driver was rescued and transported to the hospital