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When she told him not to park in her yard, the cops came out of the woman's teeth

Link to the video:   As frequent readers of the PBWW website know,  cops  will use almost any reason to justify the escalation of force and subsequent arrest. The PBWW website has reported on savage violence dished out by  enforcement   just in case  after case of “contempt of cop” otherwise  referred to as  damaging a cop’s ego. An innocent woman in Jacksonville learned about contempt of cop the hard way recently, after having her teeth knocked out by police after asking them to not park in her yard. Earlier this year, Brittany Crishawn Williams called 911  posing for  assistance after  a political candidate  parked in her driveway for  a close-by  police matter and wouldn’t leave. In Williams’s eyes, the officer was trespassing, so she called 911 for help.  within the  eyes of the cops, however, Williams insulted their egos,  and then  she deserved to be beaten and arrested. To be clear, the officer was  now not   functioning on  a case, he was done  and