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Body Cam Captures Police Killing a Handcuffed Woman by Dropping Her From a Patrol Car

Prior to her tragic death last month, Brianna Grier, like so many others before her, was afflicted with mental illness. Occasionally, this mother of two would need hospitalisation in order to regain her ability to function. But when police officers, instead of EMS, arrived and took Brianna to prison instead of the hospital, Brianna never had a chance to regain her functionality. Instead, she would be tossed from a police car as it was travelling down the road, and she would perish. In a visit to Mary and Marvin Grier last month, Hancock County Sheriff Terrell Primus informed them that their daughter Brianna had been evacuated to Grady Hospital in Atlanta. According to the sheriff, Brianna had kicked open the police vehicle door and leapt out while it was moving. Nevertheless, according to a newly revealed body camera video and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation inquiry, responding police failed to shut the passenger door, resulting in her fatal fall. Brianna's parents and sister p