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Cop opens the porta-potty door, he immediately shoots an unarmed man with his hands up.

This week, a harrowing video of an unarmed man being executed while seated inside a portable toilet was published. Daverion Deauntre Kinard was assassinated on Feb 13 — the day before his 29th birthday — by Fontana officer Johnny Tutiavake. The fact that the city offered a million-dollar settlement for Kinard's death prior to the family filing a complaint demonstrates the shooting's gravity. However, after seeing the body camera video and learning that Kinard spent his last minutes alive with his hands up and surrendering to police prior to his execution, $1 million falls well short of the damages his family should seek. According to authorities, they were on the lookout that night for a burglar. According to investigators, a guy wearing a black hoodie was seen trying to enter an empty house. When officers got on the scene, they discovered an open window and a guy inside wearing a black sweatshirt. “Hey! Hey! “Do not move,” an officer commands as he approaches the guy in a corr