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Cop Resigns to keep away from charges After Torturing Mentally ill man on Video, Framing Him, laughing about It

 It's far quite evident from the hundreds of articles on this internet site that many police officers in the USA have anger troubles. It's also quite evident the many law enforcement officials — no matter schooling — don't have any concept of how to address people who are mentally ill. As the subsequent incident out of Memphis illustrates, generally, those officers will release their anger on absolutely unwitting mentally ill individuals. Memphis Police branch Officer William Skelton became the irritated officer and Drew Thomas became his victim. For his moves which happened in advance this yr, Skelton turned into going through a number of charges which includes immoderate force. He resigned earlier than his administrative listening to. Skelton instructed the Institute for Public provider Reporting he doesn’t want to comment on what came about. He is “luckily running in the non-public area.” To be clean, on that night returned in January 2019, Thomas admitted to committing

Cops Laugh While Making Up Charges as Fellow Cop Tortures Handcuffed Man

It's miles pretty obvious from the heaps of articles on this internet site that many cops in America have anger issues. As the following incident out of Memphis illustrates, regular instances, these officers will launch their anger on completely unwitting people. Memphis Police department Officer William Skelton becomes the irritated officer and Drew Thomas turned into his sufferer. To be clean, Thomas admitted to committing a crime. He seems to have a history of trespassing and vandalism associated with possible intellectual infection and that night time, he had trespassed and made a mess interior a neighborhood Shell station. While police showed up, Thomas didn’t run or withstand in any way. “Come on. You’re below arrest,” said Skelton. “I am going home,” stated Thomas, apparently unaware he’d completed whatever wrong. That’s when Skelton got irritated. “You’re below arrest mom f***er. Get the f*** over right here. Get your mother f***ing a** over right here,” said Skelton. At no