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In front of his children, cops open fire on an unarmed father.

The Mesa police department, whose officers are known for employing excessive and often lethal force against unarmed people, has been in the headlines this week due to numerous lawsuits alleging that same behaviour. Benjamin Taylor, a civil rights attorney, is presently suing the department for excessive force in two instances, including one in which police opened fire on an unarmed father with his hands up, surrounded by his five children. Lorenzo Jones, the father, had just handed over his youngest kid to the child's mother when cops opened fire. "Once they put their hands up and surrender to law enforcement authorities, they cease to be a danger, and therefore should not be shot or killed," Taylor told ABC 15 this week. To be clear, Jones is accused of assaulting a lady and a kid and, if found guilty, deserves to face the consequences. The police were called to the home that day after Jones reportedly struck his fiancée's sister in the face at least three times, for