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Cop from Dept Who Killed Elijah McClain, Holds Renowned Doctor at Gunpoint on His Own Property

Now, they may be now facing but some other lawsuit, after an officer with the branch held a medical doctor at gunpoint on his own property for no cause. Parmar began recording the encounter at once, suspecting that there will be a hassle because of how aggressively the officer was performing. Within the pictures, Henderson can right away be heard shouting and seen pointing his gun without delay at Parmar. The officer nonetheless had his gun pointed at Parmar's head. "I finished right now. I beeped at him to get his interest, and I knew there has been going to be something thrilling, so I commenced filming him," Parmar explained. Instead of immediately enticing with the officer, Parmar went about his business dropping off the equipment at the same time as telling the officer to get off of his belongings. "The U.S. Very best court docket has started pointing a gun at a person is kind of pressure, and you have to be in affordable worry that your lifestyle