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Cops Put Hood on Man’s Head, Smash His Face Into the Street Until He Stops Breathing and Dies

  When Daniel Prude died on March 30 of this year, not  one  mainstream media network covered it and  it had been  but a blip in local media. It wasn't until his family fought for months  to seek out  out what happened that Prude's case is finally seeing  the sunshine  of day. In the midst of a chemically-induced  psychological state  crisis, Prude was compliant and sat on  the bottom  when asked by police and placed into handcuffs. Moments later, he'd have a hood  placed on  his head while cops shoved his face into the pavement until he stopped breathing and eventually died. Seven days after Prude stopped breathing, he would die on life support. Prude's brother called police that evening  to urge  help for his brother. "I placed a  call  for my brother  to urge  help. Not for my brother  to urge  lynched," Prude's brother, Joe Prude, said at a  press conference . "How did you see him and  indirectly  say, 'The man is defenseless, buck naked on  t