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Podcast — Guest: Alex M. Salazar — How a Drug Warrior LAPD Cop Became an Activist

  On this episode of the  Project podcast, Jason Bassler, Matt Agorist, and Johnny Liberty welcome former drug warrior cop-turned police accountability activist, Alex M Salazar. Alex  may be a  former  L.A  narcotics officer who worked the infamous Rampart Division featured  within the  movie Training Day with Denzel Washington. Alex has become an advocate for exposing the insular culture of the code of silence in  enforcement . He is a civil rights investigator that travels  around the  country speaking about PTSD and it's the effect on  cops . He is the author of the soon to be released book "CHASING MONSTER'S". This is  one among  our most eye-opening podcasts  so far  as intricacies within corrupt and violent policing are explained by someone who  wont to  be inside the corruption in violence. Please visit us on iTunes and leave  an honest  review  to assist  push this information to the masses. Or,  you'll  hear  our podcast on Spotify  also . We  also are  w