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Innocent Business Man Kidnapped by Cops for “Jogging While Black”—Thrown in Jail

Fitting  the outline  ,  within the  land of the free, is an  only too  common phrase  employed by  public servants to    justify the horrific abuse of innocent people. The abuse turns deadly, and these innocent people are killed, permanently injured, or lose their freedom. As the video below illustrates, being entirely innocent  is not any  defense against your subsequent kidnapping and assault. Mathias Ometu  may be a  successful insurance adjuster with no criminal past. All that has now changed after incompetent  cops  claimed he "Fit the description" of a criminal and moved in to assault, kidnap and cage him. The interaction was caught on bystander video and shows a compliant Ometu standing peacefully by police after being placed in handcuffs. "The only thing he did  wasn't  give his name. He was just jogging," witness Jennifer Rodriguez, who filmed the incident, says  within the  footage. "I can't believe  this is often  happening right here,"