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Cop charged after attacking, knocking down woman walking her dog

In 2021, a video of a Chicago police officer assaulting an innocent lady went viral. Many said it was racial profiling. COPA investigated suspected misbehavior. The officer was arrested this month for excessive violence and misconduct. Nikkita Brown's attorneys say the cop assaulted her when she walked her dog home. Brown's attorney told the Chicago Sun-Times that the officer confronted her for strolling her dog in a closed area. Attorneys say Brown had left the park and was heading home when Chicago officer Bruce Dyker followed and attacked her. Dyker has been a Chicago cop since 1998. Dyker quit last month, possibly to escape responsibility. Ineffective. August 2021, after midnight. Brown is only heading home with her dog when Dyker attacks her, as the video reveals. Brown is recording the cop, which enrages him, so he snatches her phone before seizing her. As the officer assaults Brown, she yells "let go!" Her assailant was substantially bigger and unafraid to aggr

A rabid cop attacked an innocent dog walker, knocking her out of her shoes.

A video of a Chicago police officer assaulting an unarmed woman has gone viral, with many saying it was an act of racial profiling. The Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) is now examining the event. According to the victim's attorneys, Nikkita Brown was assaulted without provocation while walking her dog on her way home. Brown's attorney, Saulter Law P.C., told the Chicago Sun-Times that the officer approached her as she was walking her dog at a park that had allegedly closed.Brown had already left the park and was going home when the Chicago policeman started following her and eventually attacked her. As the video demonstrates, Brown is not causing any damage and is just going home with her little dog when she is approached by the police. Brown seems to be recording the cop, which appears to anger him even more, as he reaches for her phone before to seizing her. As the policeman assaults Brown, she can be heard screaming "let go!" She tries to extricate