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Body Cam Shows How Cops Turn Peaceful Protests into Riots by Attacking Them

Body camera footage captured during recent demonstrations against police brutality has shown how cops often turn peaceful protests into riots by the way that they engage with the crowds. A demonstration in Cleveland, Ohio, on May 30th shows a police officer pepper spraying a peaceful protester before the situation escalated into a riot. In the video, an unidentified woman is seen standing on the sidewalk near a line of police officers, holding a sign that read, "Give us what belongs to us in peace, and if you don't give it to us in peace, we will take it by force," which is a quote by Emma Goldman, an anarchist revolutionary that lived during the early 20th. The women directly engaged with the police about their use of force on protesters and the general culture of violence among law enforcement. She asked the police, "Are you going to tear gas me? For standing here with my sign and trying to have a conversation with you?". As the woman was talking to the office