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Cops Refuse To Safely Arrest Man In Court So They Can SWAT Raid His House Later On LIVE PD

Much like the display's predecessor "police officers," live PD has been accused of crossing ethical limitations for you to get their pictures. In a single case, the Williamson County Sheriff's office in Texas is being accused of deliberately passing up an opportunity to arrest their suspect, Asher Watsky, even as he became in the courtroom just so they might raid his domestic for the tv cameras some hours later. Gary Watsky, one of the occupants of the home, says that the SWAT raid turned into "curious about the display." Williamson County District legal professional Shawn Dick turned into amongst many humans concerned with the case who felt that Watsky might have been arrested peacefully when he turned into in courtroom less than four hours earlier than the raid. Dick has also recognized at least five other instances where the Williamson County sheriff's office used immoderate pressure whilst cameras have been rolling for live PD. 3 former

Police Release Video of Officers Executing Man Who Put Hands Up, Showing He Was Unarmed

The free idea undertaking at first said on a cellular phone video of a police killing in Austin, Texas in April which was so disturbing witnesses said it as if it had been a murder. In the video, a man is visible looking to give up to police with his palms inside the air, moments later, he'd be killed by using a police officer firing his AR-15. The subsequent month, police admitted forty two-year-antique Michael Ramos had no gun, and months later, they subsequently launched their very own video of this senseless execution. Because the newly launched police video suggests, Ramos, a forty two-year-antique Hispanic man changed into visible inside the video exiting the auto while ordered with the aid of the police. He is visible inside the video with his arms within the air trying to talk to police. He then places his arms above his head. "man, what the f**k, guy," Ramos says of the big police reaction which seems to frighten him. Beneath is the unique mobile p