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'Cutting Him Off' Cop Accuses Frontline COVID Worker, Drags Her from the Car, Arrests Her

Link to the video:   Shana Shaw, 26,  maybe a  nurse assistant working the  front  of the COVID-19 pandemic in  NY . She was on her way home from work last week when a cop who is already being sued for wrongfully detaining another woman, decided he was  visiting  pull her over, accusing her of failing to use a blinker while cutting him off. Minutes later, Shaw would be in handcuffs, facing multiple charges. The incident unfolded on December 28 around 3:45 as Shaw drove home from work. Deputy Brian Woltman accused her of cutting him off, so he used his police powers  to drag  her over. While pulling  the lady  over, Woltman ran Shaw’s  registration code   and located  that her license was suspended. After she pulled over and complied with the deputy, Shaw asks him why she is being pulled over. The deputy responds: “you cut me off without signaling back there on 9W,” and “your license is suspended.” Shaw denied that she  did not  signal and said that she had