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Cops shoot pregnant woman who won't get on the ground

When a mother of three stopped to grab ice cream for her children last week in Kansas City, Missouri, she never expected that she and her children would witness police shooting an unarmed pregnant lady. However, according to Shé Danja, this is precisely what happened. Shé Danja, who refused to provide her last name out of fear of police persecution, took out her phone and filmed the event as it happened. The footage seems to indicate that Leonna Hale, 26, was unarmed when she was shot five times by Kansas City police officers. Immediately after shooting her, authorities reported that a firearm was found at the site. However, it did not seem that Hale was holding it, and according to the eyewitness, Hale informed police that there was a gun in the car, but it was distant from her when she was shot. The incident occurred on Friday, May 27, when police were reportedly searching for a suspect in a carjacking. According to the police, a car matching the description of the stolen vehicle was