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Innocent Concealed Carry Permit Holder Killed by Cop Bringing Lunch to Grandma

Casey Christopher Goodson Jr., 23, had no criminal record, was not sought by police, and was delivering lunch to his grandmother when he was shot and killed by Jason Meade, a Franklin County Sheriff's office working with a United States Marshals Service fugitive task team. His grandma and Goodson's 5-year-old brother stood in front of them as Goodson died, their Subway sandwiches laying in a pool of blood. Meade has been charged with murder over a year after killing Goodson. Saturday will commemorate a year since Goodson's death. Meade was permitted to retire in July. "Neither the indictment nor the timing were unexpected," Mark Collins, Meade's police union-appointed attorney, said. "We aim to forcefully defend him and ensure that he is allowed the due process protections guaranteed by the Constitution." The news, however, delighted Goodson's mother, who wrote on her Facebook page Thursday morning, in all capital letters and with many exclamatio