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Innocent Concealed Carry Permit Holder Killed by Cop Bringing Lunch to Grandma

Casey Christopher Goodson Jr., 23, had no criminal record, was not sought by police, and was delivering lunch to his grandmother when he was shot and killed by Jason Meade, a Franklin County Sheriff's office working with a United States Marshals Service fugitive task team. His grandma and Goodson's 5-year-old brother stood in front of them as Goodson died, their Subway sandwiches laying in a pool of blood. Meade has been charged with murder over a year after killing Goodson.

Saturday will commemorate a year since Goodson's death. Meade was permitted to retire in July.

"Neither the indictment nor the timing were unexpected," Mark Collins, Meade's police union-appointed attorney, said. "We aim to forcefully defend him and ensure that he is allowed the due process protections guaranteed by the Constitution."

The news, however, delighted Goodson's mother, who wrote on her Facebook page Thursday morning, in all capital letters and with many exclamation points: "2 counts of murder and reckless homicide! Let us proceed! Casey deserves justice, darling! Glory to God!"

Goodson's family immediately filed a federal lawsuit against the police after the indictment. According to the Columbus Dispatch:

According to the complaint, Meade got much more training in guns usage and expertise than in any other area, including de-escalation, and that the training was conducted in such a manner that there was an apparent lack of review or monitoring. According to the complaint, Meade last received de-escalation training in 2014 and finished it in less than four minutes.

In the complaint, Goodson's estate also refers to Meade as a "religious fanatic," claiming he took joy in physical conflict. "Jason Meade derives joy from the use of force," the complaint said.

As we previously revealed earlier this year, Meade is a former preacher. However, in contrast to the majority of pastors who preach Jesus Christ's idea of turning the other cheek, Meade taught striking first and asking questions afterwards.

Meade delivered a sermon at the Ohio State Association of Free Will Baptists in 2018 as part of a YouTube video series for the Franklin County Sheriff's Office titled "Connecting with the Community." "I learned long ago why I'm justified in delivering the first punch," this murdering officer said during the lecture. "Do not glance up here as though to say, 'Oh, police brutality.'"

Meade emphasised multiple times his position on preemptively hitting people he "hunted."

While introducing himself as a policeman to the congregation, Meade said, "I work for the Sheriff's office..." I search for individuals — it's a fantastic profession that I like. I've had a number of my SWAT members and even some of my superiors here; I appreciate their presence; they're all excellent men of God. I'm delighted people came out today to support us, but they'll tell you, I've done this job for 14 years, and you know I've never been struck in the face?"

"It is a reality," he says. It is not because I am so good; I am not terrible; it is not because I am so good. You are aware of why? I figured out a long time ago that I had to throw the opening punch."

"Hahahaha yes, every time I hit 'em, I'm like, that's for you, that's for you," Meade continues. It's not that horrible, I assure you. However, take note that this is the truth."

When a preacher preaches about throwing the first punch, most people are wise enough to walk away, but Meade was more than a preacher. He is also a policeman – and officers should not discuss throwing the first punch.

Despite the fact that Meade's whole chain of command was aware of, present at, and heard this lecture, it was never questioned. Two years later, he would deliver that first blow in the form of many gunshots to Goodson's torso.

According to an attorney representing the family, Goodson had never been charged with a crime, had no criminal history, and was not the subject of any inquiry. Nonetheless, he was mistakenly targeted by police and shot.

According to police, Goodson drew a revolver on them while delivering three Subway sandwiches to his grandmother and two children and opening the door, forcing the deputy to shoot on him.

While police claimed to be looking for a gun, they confessed in their statement that they had no lawful justification to approach Goodson.

"The deputy was conducting an investigation into the incident, and there have been indications of a verbal confrontation. According to a sheriff's statement, "the deputy shot at Mr Casey Goodson, killing him." "Mr Goodson's gun was found. Mr Goodson was not the subject of the task force's investigation."

Attorneys for Goodson's family reacted angrily to the assertion about Goodson pointing a gun, stating in a news release that "neither the City of Columbus nor any other investigative agency has indicated that Casey Goodson brandished a gun prior to Meade pulling the trigger."

"With Meade's statement made over a week after he murdered Casey, it is crucial to remember that this is a standard argument often advanced by police officers after a shooting," they stated. "It is equally crucial to keep in mind that the data often refutes these statements."

According to Sean Walton of the Walton and Brown, LLC legal firm, Goodson was licenced to carry a concealed weapon and "Ohio does not restrict open carrying of weapons."

Indeed, it is very possible that Meade saw the perfectly legal and licenced rifle, wrongfully "feared for his life," and murdered Goodson for no cause - much more so if he believed he had to "throw the opening punch."

"Casey was shot and died as he entered his residence," Watson added. "His 72-year-old grandmother and two toddlers who were at the door saw his demise."

Indeed, an autopsy corroborated these statements, revealing that Goodson had been shot six times in the chest, with five of the bullets striking his back.

While the sheriff's department said that they "reported observing a guy with a gun," Goodson was not that man. Additionally, it makes little sense for Goodson to leave the dentist's office where he had his teeth cleaned, pick up Subway for his family, and then wave a pistol out his window on his way home. Goodson had a concealed carry permit. He had received training and was familiar with the ins and outs of handgun carry, which do not entail leaving the dentist, picking up lunch, or flashing a pistol out the window.

"It makes no sense," Walton said. "Who drives down the street with a pistol dangling from his window?" This is not a video for a song. This is the actual world."

We concur.

"There is no rationale or explanation for any of this," Walton said. "He died in his own kitchen after collapsing."

According to his relatives, the bags of sandwiches were found near his corpse after Meade's murder, and they did not see any firearms.

Due to the fact that deputies are not obliged to wear body cameras in this county, it is the cop's word against the family's.

Hopefully, this trial will result in justice being delivered.

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