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“Watch the Show Folks”: Cop Poses on Livestream as He Savagely Beats Man Over Traffic Stop

The trooper knew he becomes being filmed and even posed for the digicam earlier than savagely attacking a person over a minor visitors offense. Mr. Thompson made the identical request of Hewitt, indicating that he become a taxpayer and believed his request to be justified. Hewitt, after contacting dispatch to inform them "This one's a bit snippy," did identify himself to Mr. Thompson. In April 2019, Derrick Thompson was riding to work while Hewitt terrorized and assaulted him. As the video indicates, Thompson isn't always resisting in any way, has both of his hands up, and is truly no longer willing to get out of the vehicle over an allegation that a cop smelled a plant. Hewitt then responds by means of telling Thompson that "you are gonna get your ass whooped in the front of f*cking lord and all advent." Although the digital camera is going clean, you may nonetheless listen Thompson pleading along with his attackers to "Please get off m