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A 27-year career cop admits that police officers are trained to fabricate reports and portray themselves as heroes.

Prior to the advent of computers and body cameras, people were compelled to enter court hearings with the mindset that "it was my side of the story versus the police." Who do you think the jury will believe? " However, given the technological era in which we now live, the word of police personnel may be questioned. However, one former policeman argues that this is insufficient, stating that policemen are trained exactly how to falsify police records for misleading reasons. Thomas Nolan spent 27 years on the job as a policeman and claims he was not a very outstanding beat cop but was unmatched in his ability to write police reports. He was so skilled at phrasing police reports deftly that other officers inside the Boston Police Department sought his help with their own reporting. The Insider reports: He regularly advised his subordinates to include a brief list of keywords in their reports in order to portray themselves as the hero and the suspect — who may have been woun