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#EndSARS: The Federal Government compensates 74 victims of police abuse with N289 million

74 victims of human rights violations perpetrated by the former Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Nigerian Police Force have been awarded a total of N289 million in compensation by the Federal Government of Nigeria as part of the #EndSARS campaign (NPF). A presentation of checks to the victims was placed at the headquarters of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) in Abuja. The chairperson of the board expressed gratitude to those individuals who had filed complaints with the Independent Investigative Panel on Human Rights Violations concerning the prohibited SARS and other police units. She thanked them for having faith in the country's human rights mechanisms and for diligently presenting and pursuing their cases in front of the panel. She gave her word to the people of Nigeria that the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), which is an independent institution, will continue to carry out its duties as outlined in the National Human Rights Commission Act. These duti

Ex-policeman sentenced to life in prison for murdering football fan

Justice Adenike Coker of the Lagos High Court in Ikeja found former police officer Olalekan Ogunyemi guilty of first-degree murder on Thursday and gave him a life sentence for the death of football fan Kolade Johnson. On March 31, 2019, at a viewing centre in Mangoro, Ikeja, Lagos, Ogunyemi, who was affiliated with the Special Anti-Cultism Squad of the Nigeria Police, shot Johnson in the lower abdomen. The incident took place in a viewing centre. When the victim was shot by the convicted murderer, he was in the process of watching a football game between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur. While he was delivering judgement in case no. ID/9776C/2019 between the State of Lagos and Ogunyemi Olalekan, Justice Coker found the defendant guilty of the charge. So, the defendant was given a life sentence in prison, with the requirement that he serve at least 25 years before he could be released. On Thursday, when the issue was reopened for hearing, the prosecution counsel for Lagos State, Jubril K

A Melanin Community Activist Sues the Cleveland Police Department in Federal Court, Alleging an Unlawful Arrest!

A Cleveland activist who was arrested for openly carrying weapons on the East Side of the city has sued the city and more than a dozen police officers in federal court. The complaint filed on Monday says that the city broke Antoine Tolbert's civil rights when he was arrested and put in jail overnight on May 23, 2022. In Ohio, open carry of weapons is permitted. As he strolled along St. Clair Avenue, Tolbert carried a shotgun and a pistol in holsters. He is a member of the local activist group New Era Cleveland, which does armed security patrols to stop gun violence. He has also talked to classes of police cadets about how Cleveland police work. The incident's body camera video reveals that the initial cops on the scene did not arrest the suspect, with one officer stating that an arrest was "a lawsuit waiting to happen." However, when Lance Henderson, a sergeant, arrives, he decides to arrest Tolbert. Henderson informed an officer on the scene, "He cannot go down

Officer who murdered Donovan Lewis in Columbus was already terminated.

The Columbus Division of Police released the employee records of an officer who killed an unarmed melanin man. The records showed that the officer had been fired and then hired back.  Officer Ricky Anderson's record was released three days after the funeral of Donovan Lewis, 20, whom he fatally shot. In Anderson's most recent performance assessments from 2020 and 2019, his superiors said that he surpassed expectations in practically every area. These included communication, reliability, understanding of the work, problem-solving, and officer safety. In addition, Supervising Sgt. Steve Redding observed that the 30-year veteran of the police "often volunteers for additional SWAT operations." "Pfc. Anderson is always aware of his surroundings for his own safety and the safety of others, even when things are hard or stressful," Redding wrote.  Nonetheless, the 2019 assessment also recognised a problem in the topic of work knowledge, stating that Anderson "t