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After the Rittenhouse verdict, the girl facing life in prison for killing a child sex trafficker should be freed.

Last month, the internet and streets erupted in both outrage and excitement after Kyle Rittenhouse's acquittal on all counts by a jury of his peers in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The jury ruled that Rittenhouse was justified in murdering two persons and injuring another in self-defence.

Additionally, in Kenosha, only two years before Rittenhouse murdered two and injured a third, another 17-year-old defended herself from her abuser. Unlike Rittenhouse, Chrystul Kiser's assailant, on the other hand, had been assaulting her and threatening her life for more than a year.

Kiser, like Rittenhouse, was 17 years old when she fatally shot Randall Volar and set fire to his home in June 2018. She met the paedophile sex trafficker a year earlier when she was sixteen, and he immediately started promoting the young melanin girl on Backpage. Since then, the website has been shut down for selling underage girls on the internet for sex. Backpage was shut down by the federal government in 2018.

Michael Graveley, the Kenosha County District Attorney, had an opportunity to safeguard Chrystul Kizer from her sex trafficker, but he failed. Rather than that, he placed the responsibility on the victim.

Graveley, who could have imprisoned Volar for the remainder of his natural life, therefore ridding Kenosha of a known child sex trafficker and keeping his community safe, allowed Volar to walk free without paying a single dime in bail. We at the PBWW website are familiar with Graveley as the prosecutor who has refused to reopen the case of Michael Bell, Jr., a young man from Kenosha who was shot and murdered by police in his own driveway.

Graveley also declined to bring charges against the officer who shot Jacob Blake.

Local press reports on the Kizer case state the following:

Volar was arrested four months before his murder on allegations of child sexual abuse, but he was later released without bond, according to The Washington Post. According to data provided to Kizer's family and seen by the Washington Post, police discovered "hundreds" of child pornography recordings and more than 20 "home movies" of Volar with young melanin females during their investigation.

Graveley cannot take his inaction courageously and blame himself for failing to apprehend the 33-year-old suspected paedophile. Rather than that, he faulted Kizer, claiming that regardless of the torment she faced as a victim of sex trafficking, she lacked the legal right to murder her oppressor – presumably, even if her life was in danger and it was an act of self-defence.

If someone commits a crime against you, even a heinous act, you are not permitted to go murder them in retaliation. Because this is why Graveley assigned the Rittenhouse case to Thomas Binger, his associate district attorney – perhaps Graveley despises self-defence claims when they are not made by officers.

Graveley told the local media until after Volar's death that his office would have prosecuted Volar with the offences for which he was accused, but that is no longer feasible now that he is dead. Fortunately for Kizer, her storey garnered attention outside of Kenosha, and she was released from prison last year when the Chicago Community Bond Fund and other supporters gathered enough money to cover her $400,000 bond.

Unlike Rittenhouse, Kizer's destiny has been in limbo for years, despite the fact that all she is accused of is murdering her sex trafficker in 2018 after he drugged her and attempted to rape her when she was only 17 years old.

Additionally, unlike Rittenhouse, Kizer was unable to establish self-defence in her instance. However, an appellate court overturned the judgement recently, and the Wisconsin Supreme Court will now review it.

"It has enormous consequences for her, but it also has enormous potential consequences for other victims of trafficking," reporter Anne Branigin told Democracy Now recently.

Wisconsin state senator David Bowen highlighted the contrast between the two incidents, stating, "We have a very obvious example where we are not getting the same support, the same outrage from those that rallied with Kyle Rittenhouse to protect this young Black lady." She was attempting to protect herself in order to escape the sex trafficking in which she was being mistreated."

Given that it was mostly conservatives who fought for Rittenhouse's case, they should support Kizer's as well – yet they are not. While many would allege racism or sexism, the right is a strong advocate for prosecuting child sex traffickers. It is more probable that they are unaware of it, and if Kizer's case had only 10% of the media attention Rittenhouse did, they could be.

Please share this storey with folks on the right to encourage them to consider assisting Kizer, a child sex trafficking victim who summoned the strength to defend herself against a guy who had been abusing and trafficking her out as a kid for over a year.

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