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On Tuesday, the 17th of November, the District of Columbia will finalize a bill  that might  flout existing Supreme Court precedent and greatly diminish parental rights regarding a minor’s healthcare. The Minor Consent for Vaccinations Amendment Act (Bill 23-171) will allow children as young as 11 to consent on their own in  relation to  receiving vaccinations. Their parents  won't   learn . The bill will declare, “A minor, eleven years  old  or older, may consent to receive a vaccine where the minor is capable of meeting the  consent  standard,  and also the  vaccine  is usually recommended  by U . S.  Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)…” To meet the “informed consent standard,” the bill says the minor must be “able  to grasp   the requirements  for,  the character  of, and any significant risks ordinarily inherent  within the   medical aid .” However, the bill  doesn't  establish exactly who would determine if  the kid   is in a position   to grasp  these fac