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Cops Curse Out Witnesses As Mother Pepper Sprayed With Her 3-Year old Child

  Rochester police and their various misdeeds up to and including handcuffing little girls, even pepper-spraying them. Staying  faithful  to their reputation, the Rochester  department of local government  is back on the radar again —  now  for pepper-spraying a mother  ahead  of her three-year-old child. On Feb. 22 of this year, Rochester police reportedly received a call about an alleged shoplifter at a Rite Aid. A fter they   felt  the scene, they found the accused woman walking  along with her  three-year-old child. Body camera video recently released from the incident shows why this department deserves  most  scrutiny. When the video was released  it absolutely was  announced that the officer involved has been placed on administrative leave pending  an indoor  investigation. As the video shows, the officer stops  the girl  and her child and rather quickly determines that  there's  no evidence of shoplifting. However, he then demands she get  within the   patrol car  to further