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Man in Jail for Defending His Home Against Armed Invaders Who Were Cops

In the land of the free, every citizen is considered innocent unless proved guilty. Sadly, many people languish in prison for years, hoping to establish their innocence. Marvin Guy is innocent unless proved guilty. And he's been innocent, in prison, for 7 years. He faces the death sentence, as reported in 2014. On May 9, 2014, at 5:30 a.m., Guy shot and murdered Detective Charles Dinwiddie, injuring three other Killeen cops. One of Guy's neighbours had reported him for trafficking a significant amount of cocaine. During the inquiry, it was decided to break into Guy's house and look for proof to back up the informant's allegation. But after entering the house with such force that a senior cop was killed, no narcotics, not even a single marijuana joint, were discovered. As a result of the police invasion, one detective died and another melanin man was charged with murder. Guy's fate is unknown as he awaits prosecution for Dinwiddie's murder, which may not have hap