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Cop Becomes Activist Following the Execution of Her Innocent Teen Son While Sleeping During a Raid on the Wrong Person

Isaiah Williams, 19, had grandiose ambitions. He had just graduated from high school and, like his mother, was seeking a career in government service. Unfortunately, that life will never arrive since it was cut short in the middle of the night by officers executing a no-knock warrant. Williams was not the intended target of the warrant, yet he was executed while sleeping on a couch.

"Police said the gunman, 19-year-old Isaiah Tyree Williams, opened fire after cops smashed a window and entered the apartment between Nellis Boulevard and Vegas Valley Drive at approximately 5 a.m. on Monday," a report from a local CBS station said.

However, the issue is whether protecting your house against armed attackers qualifies you as a "shooter."

Latia Alexander, Williams' mother, agrees, as do a large number of people who have now resorted up oppose Williams' death.

"It's been incredibly difficult; some days I've had really awful days and other days I've had decent days," Alexander told KVVU. "There's been a lot of sobbing and breaking down."

"Isaiah was a very lovely young man... He loved cooking... He was an avid builder and had just graduated from high school," Alexander noted.

Perhaps if Williams had been charged with or suspected of a crime, police might have felt more justified in their conduct. He was not, though. Williams was not the person sought by police, and as a result of their callous stupidity, two policemen are healing from gunshot wounds and Alexander has lost her only child.

Police were seeking Wattsel Rembert, 23, who was not staying at that flat during the early morning raid. Rembert is charged with involvement in a November shooting at a casino. Rather than arrest Rembert in a conventional fashion, police preferred to come up recklessly in the middle of the night, break indoors, hurl flash-bang grenades, and endanger everyone involved.

Williams started a fire during the raid when a flashbang grenade burst through his window while he was dozing on the couch. Police responded with AR-15s and handguns, firing 23 rounds into the teen's torso, killing him on the couch. He died while still wrapped in the blanket.

Two of the armed intruders were wounded in the shooting: Officer Kerry Kubla, 50, and Officer Brice Clements, 36.

Alexander told KVVU that body camera video showed the flashbang striking close to his head and disorienting her son, who awoke in fear and uncertainty.

"Isaiah most obviously did not begin firing at police officers on purpose... He was undoubtedly roused from his slumber... He had no idea what was going on; he is just 19 years old. He has no knowledge of flashbangs, raids, or anything of the kind," Alexander maintained.

Alexander was formerly employed by the City of East Cleveland as a police officer, but her son's death inspired her to become an activist. Alexander and others staged a rally in downtown Las Vegas over the weekend to demand justice for Williams' murder.

"We don't think he could hear or see anything or had any idea what was going on," remarked Tenisha Freedom, one of the protest's organisers.

As you can see from the video below, cops did indeed cry, "police department, search warrant." However, they accomplished so by smashing up windows, detonating a flash-bang grenade, and pounding the door with a battering ram.

The notion that a person — who has done no crime — should wake up quietly while windows burst and grenades explode in their house is just absurd and demonstrates the flawed and useless nature of no-knock raids.

The fact that the real subject of the raid, Wattsel Rembert, surrendered to police without incident demonstrates the operation's complete futility.

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