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Four years after stomping an innocent man as a K9 tore off ‘hunks of his flesh,' a cop was finally imprisoned.

Officer Brett Palkowitsch, 31, was charged with one count of deprivation of rights for kicking the innocent man while a K9 tore him apart. Palkwitsch has been a free man ever since because his defense attorney refused to have a video sentencing hearing. Officer Tony Spencer, whose dashcam recorded the violent assault on Frank Baker, could not keep silent about what he saw. After he was indicted, he was placed on paid administrative leave where he remained for nearly a year until he was found guilty. The jury took less than one day to return a guilty verdict. Officer Palkowitsch kicked and stomped on an innocent man, leaving him with broken ribs and collapsed lungs. Baker was left permanently disfigured by the attack. Officer Spencer testified against the officers who nearly killed the man. "I owed it to him" to tell his story, officer Ruben Rosario says. Without Spencer's testimony, the officer likely would not have faced any charges.