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An innocent father and son, as well as a realtor, were held at gunpoint and handcuffed while house hunting.

A father and son, together with their realtor, recently discovered one of the many difficulties associated with living in a “see something, say something” culture. Roy Thorne and his son were held at gunpoint, arrested, and imprisoned despite the fact that they committed no crime, all because a neighbor informed police they were breaking into the house. Last Sunday, while showing Thorne a property in Wyoming, cops came on the site with pistols drawn and ordered them out. PBWW website has previously reported on many cases similar to this one in which innocent individuals engaged in lawful activities were assaulted, shot, and even murdered in similar circumstances. Fortunately, Thorne and his son were not murdered; but, as seen in the video below, a single incorrect move might have swiftly gone sour. As the video demonstrates, cops arrived in a tactical manner, brandishing weapons and screaming at the residents to leave the house. Despite full cooperation, the police maintained firearms