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School Cop smash Girl’s Head to the Concrete, Knocking Her Unconscious

 School resource officers, particularly in Florida, always seem to be within the news for abusing or otherwise causing grave harm to the youngsters they're allegedly sworn to guardjust in case after an infuriating case, we’ve seen Florida cops cower behind a wall while children were murdered in a very school to sexually assaulting the youngsters they're tasked with protecting, beating up small girls, and even handcuffing and arresting 6-year-old children. Another one in every one of these incidents unfolded in the week as a faculty resource officer was seen body-slamming a highschool girl in a shot to interrupt up a fight — knocking the girl unconscious within the process.

The incident transpires at liberty high school in Osceola county. The video was posted to Twitter with the subsequent description:

This is liberty highschool in Osceola county and I’ve seen my share of body slams from that faculty not only by officers but from Deans furthermore. I’ve seen grown-ass men mount the top of women to carry them down while they're clearly in distress.

The video is tough to look at because it shows the huge officer grabs the girl during a wrestling hold before violently smashing her head into the pavement, putting all his weight on top of her. The girl hits head first and is instantly knocked out. Her head hit the pavement which such force that it made an audible thud that was picked au fait the video.

According to the sheriff’s office, the incident came about between classes because the officer was attempting to prevent the scholar from fighting another student.

Two videos were posted with one in every one of them showing that the “fight” the officer was calling it offseemed to be over or not happening in the least by the time he arrived.

Demeatra Bodie, whose son could be a Liberty highschool Student who witnessed the incident, told WFTV that the video left her speechless.

“I was like, What within the world? I've got to try and do something…I can’t just let this go,” adding that she thinks the cop who did this could be in jail.

“If we were to try and do something like that to our childrenwe'll be in jail,” Bodie says. “No questions asked…we’re visiting jail until they figure it out.”

We agree.

The video has gotten such a lot of attention that even Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx weighed in.

“What within the absolute phuck?!! Slam a woman to the concrete after you’ve already subdued her??!! What reasonably heartless shit is that??!! Someone s daughter??! WTF? cowards,” Foxx tweeted.

The department has been tight-lipped thus far and has only released the subsequent information about the incident at the college, saying they're “investigating” it.

Today the sheriff’s office received information from school officials at Liberty high school a couple of videos posted on social media depicting in an exceedinglyll|one amongst|one in every of} our faculty Resource Officers in a confrontation with a student. The incident gave the impression to happen between classes within the hallway. within the video, it shows the deputy taking the coed to the bottom and placing handcuffs on her.

Our office is within the initial stages of our investigation. We are collecting video, witness statements, and relevant information associated with the incident. we all know that the varsity Resource Officer was in the process of trying to prevent the coed from fighting another student within the hallway when the deputy took her into custody. Once we receive more information associated with the incident, we'll provide an updated release.

The officer has not been named either.

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