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The Latest Video Reveals Cops Suspect Jaywalking Man And Shoot Him For It

  Walking across  the road   in an exceedingly  manner not  acceptable  the  Caesarism  can often end in serious injury or death — not necessarily  thanks to  a car running you over either. The enforcement of jaywalking laws  during this  country has gone to  the acute  and  a brand new  video of two Orange County sheriff’s deputies killing  a person  for crossing  the road   during a  way they  failed to  approve, illustrates this perfectly. On September 23, Kurt Andras Reinhold, 42, had committed no crime, had harmed  nobody , and was merely attempting  to urge  to  the opposite  side of the road when two Orange County deputies targeted him for extortion. Because law enforcement’s only tool  is that the  escalation of force — which is escalated to deadly levels to enforce entirely arbitrary dictates designed to extract revenue from citizens — Reinhold would never make it across  the road  that day. Though the incident happened last September, the police  hardly  released the videos o