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'Cutting Him Off' Cop Accuses Frontline COVID Worker, Drags Her from the Car, Arrests Her

 Shana Shaw, 26, maybe a nurse assistant working the front of the COVID-19 pandemic in NY. She was on her way home from work last week when a cop who is already being sued for wrongfully detaining another woman, decided he was visiting pull her over, accusing her of failing to use a blinker while cutting him off. Minutes later, Shaw would be in handcuffs, facing multiple charges.

The incident unfolded on December 28 around 3:45 as Shaw drove home from work. Deputy Brian Woltman accused her of cutting him off, so he used his police powers to drag her over.

While pulling the lady over, Woltman ran Shaw’s registration code and located that her license was suspended.

After she pulled over and complied with the deputy, Shaw asks him why she is being pulled over. The deputy responds: “you cut me off without signaling back there on 9W,” and “your license is suspended.”

Shaw denied that she did not signal and said that she had already taken care of her suspended license which her paperwork was the reception.

“That stinks,” said Woltman.

Woltman then tells Shaw to “hop out” of her car and Shaw again immediately complies. When she asks why she is being asked to induce out of the car, Woltman tells the lady — who hasn’t harmed anyone — that she is being placed under arrest for driving on a suspended license.

Naturally, Shaw then became uneasy when she realized she was getting ready to be kidnapped for something she says she already took care of.

“Let’s not make things difficult,” says Woltman.“Let’s make this very easy.”

“I can prove that I've got everything cleared, though,” Shaw says as she pleads with the deputy to follow her home so she will influence him that she had already taken care of the suspended license. But he wants nothing to try to to with it.

“No, I’m not following you home,” says Woltman.

“So you’re visiting arrest me after I just left work, and I’m a nurse?” says Shaw, who told Hudson Valley One she could be a nurse assistant.

Shaw, who was sure that she had already been sure of the suspended license then gets back in her car and says she would love to attend for a lawyer.

At now, the deputy began to escalate force and attempted to tug Shaw from her car.

“Why are you grabbing me like that?” Shaw asks.

Woltman then concerns backup as he pulls the woman’s arm and when another officer arrives, Shaw is thrown to the bottom where she says she hit her head and received a concussion.

“I feel fully taken advantage of,” Shaw told Hudson Valey One. “I don’t think they're needed to be two male officers to yoke up a woman that's 130 pounds, in her scrubs from work, and I’m a necessary worker.”

She said she was disturbed by Woltman’s apparent familiarity along with her while she didn’t know him and was worried that the encounter could turn deadly.

“He knew who I used to be already. He proceeded to mention get out of the car. In my head I don’t have enough information and he knows who I'm so I felt uncomfortable…I am an African-American and cops are shooting us within the head and killing us,” Shaw added.

After the incident, Shaw retained an attorney who announced in an exceedingly release that they'd be suing the officer for excessive force.

“Deputy Sheriff Brian Woltman Jr. used excessive force that resulted in Ms. Shaw getting a concussion, nerve damage in her wrist from the handcuffs, bruises on her body, putting her out of labor for days,” the release said.

“Even if I broke a law, that was still an excessive force,” Shaw said.

Shaw would later find that her fears were justified about Woltman. Hudson Valley One reported that he has an alleged history of false detention of ladies.

Woltman has been previously accused of false detention and excessive force against another woman who is additionally suing Woltman and Ulster County. Shaw plans on joining that suit.

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