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Nothing Cops Do as Fellow Cop Stomps the Throat of Man, With a Gun to His Head

  George Orwell’s prophetic words above painted a bleak and disturbing picture of  the long run  when he transcribed them to text over 7 decades ago. Now,  due to  the technological age of  video   and also the  internet,  we've got  seen countless  samples of  his prediction playing out  sort of a  broken record, over and  another time . Body camera footage released  in the week  captured the materialization of Orwell’s proverbial boot onto the foot of Cleveland  law officer  John Petkac and onto the neck of London Wilson. According to police, on the day in question, they were responding to a report of  force   within the  area  once they  encountered Wilson. Wilson was never charged with  violence , so  it's  unclear if he was the suspect police sought out. However, when police showed  au fait  the scene,  for a few  reasons, Wilson ran. Petkac was  the primary  officer on the scene and  because the  body camera footage shows, he pursued Wilson on foot before losing him. Abou