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NYPD Cop's Deathbed Confession Involve the FBI and NYPD in the Murder of Malcom X

  Last month marked the 56th anniversary of the assassination of a  civil rights worker . Since that fateful day back in 1965, controversy has swarmed the case with conspiracy theories abounding. The official story happens to be  one of every of   the foremost  flawed versions. According to the official story, Malcolm X, born  militant  in 1925, was assassinated by rival Black Muslims on February 21, 1965, while addressing his Organization of Afro-American Unity at the Audubon Ballroom in Washington Heights. Three members of  the state  of Islam (NOI) — Talmadge Hayer or Thomas Hagan (a.k.a Mujahid Abdul Halim), Norman Butler (a.k.a Muhammad Abdul Aziz), and Thomas Johnson (a.k.a Khalil Islam) — were convicted of his murder in 1966 — despite glaring inconsistencies  within the  case. Officials at the time of his murder claimed Malcolm’s assassination was the  result of  an ongoing dispute between him  and therefore the  NOI. Though Malcolm had left the group in 1964 on bad terms, Butle