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The cop's own body camera captures him deleting the arrest video from the man's phone.

A Philadelphia police officer is being investigated for allegedly deleting cell phone footage of an arrest in March involving a suspect arrested on an outstanding warrant. The suspect, Jacob Giddings, issuing the Philadelphia Police Department for violating his civil rights. Officer Burnette can clearly be seen on the body camera footage deleting any videos the young man had recorded of his contact with Officer Burnette. The officer has been reassigned while the investigation is taking place. The apparent lie told to the person he was arrested has now called into question every case Burnette has been involved in.

If he was in the habit of deleting evidence and lying-in police reports, then anyone who has been prosecuted as a result of Burnette's police actions could have their cases overturned, as well as being charged with resisting arrest and drug possession (cannabis). According to the police report, the officer is now the subject of an internal affairs investigation, and the Philadelphia PD says the officer has since been reassigned. The arrest took place at a gas station. The officer involved has been placed on administrative duty status pending the outcome of the internal investigation. It is unknown how much time Giddings spent in jail following the March incident. Such a settlement will not be paid for by Burnette, who will most likely get to keep his job but will be paid by the taxpayers instead. This incident is precisely why many members of the public want qualified immunity to be a thing of the past.

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In Anambra, three people were killed as they clashed with the police.

  Over the weekend, the situation in the Aguleri village, which is located in the Anambra East Local Government Area of the state of Anambra...