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'You Are Without Light!' —Cops Shatter an Innocent Man's Leg in Search of a Missing Bicycle Light

Police officers have the authority and will detain and extort you in the land of the free for poor bicycle illumination. If you attempt to flee this extortion, you risk being run over by a police car, attacked by a police K9, or, as shown by the following event, hospitalised with a fractured leg. Derrick Roundtree had done no wrong, committed no crime, and was only riding his bicycle home from a neighbouring convenience shop on the night he was assaulted by police and hospitalised. Roundtree proceeded to his friend's residence in the Tidewater Gardens public housing development after leaving the business. Roundtree rode his bicycle home on Christmas Eve 2018, passing a Norfolk police officer in the route. As Roundtree rode past, that cop, Aaron Christie, quickly flashed his lights and yelled something inaudible over the loudspeaker. Roundtree, riding his bicycle, was convinced that the cop was pursuing someone else, and so he kept riding slowly back to his friend's home. Christ