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Cop Rips female’s Hair from Her Scalp Over broken ‘1/3 Brake light’ That becomes working

  Shynita Phillips Abu was “jamming to music” in her car after  a visit  to a post office earlier this month when a  city  County Sheriff’s deputy targeted her for extortion. His reason for pulling her over and eventually assaulting her? He claimed her “third brake light” was out. In the land of the free, petty traffic violations like third  visual signal  bulbs can  and can   cause  innocent people to be assaulted and kidnapped. While  it's  technically an infraction if your third  stoplight  bulb is out,  in keeping with  Abu, when she picked her car up from the impound lot after the deputy took it,  the sunshine  was actually working. Abu has since filed a complaint against the department alleging excessive force. The department is now investigating. According to Abu, who filmed the interaction, the officer became belligerent during the stop when she disputed  the explanation  for the stop. Abu says the officer apparently didn’t  just like the   proven fact that  she was filming

It’s Been 5 Years Since Sandra Bland Died in a Cage Over a Turn Signal Violation — Still No Justice

Sandra Bland - who died in reformatory after being arrested over failure to use her blinker - grew to be the image of America's horrific troubles of in-custody deaths over ridiculous arrests. It has been 5 years when you consider that the demise of bland and the household has but to reap justice outdoor of their civil suit. Last year, we realized that Bland filmed her personal arrest that fateful day and her video used to be suppressed for almost 4 years. The Bland family later claimed the video proves the officer knew Bland used to be now not a threat. The cellular telephone video suggests Bland did nothing however ask why she's being pulled from the car over a flip signal-a query all people would probably ask. Sandra Bland's case illustrates how a predatory police pressure can and will kidnap, cage, and enable you to die in that cage, for easy site visitors violations like failure to use a flip signal. It's been 5 years