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Cops assault paraplegic father over window tinting, accusing him of being unable to exit his car.

It's possible to alter your mind about traffic rules and window tinting. Because your window tint is too dark, the cops may demand money from you in the land of the free. Police will abduct or murder you if you refuse to pay the extortion. This happens so often in the land of the free that it is routinely recorded on camera. As seen in the video below, frightening police would use lethal force to halt a car for window tint, even against persons in wheelchairs, if they feel threatened. The American police state will go to any extent to enforce window tint extortion rules, Clifford Owensby of Dayton, Ohio, recently discovered. Unlawful window tinting caused Owensby to be targeted by cops and attacked. Last Friday, Owensby and his grandson were out doing errands when his nightmare began. Police tried to extort Owensby as he drove down the street, hurting no one. Both the body camera and the smartphone recorded the encounter. In the footage, an officer approaches the father's car a