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Police officers Who Bragged About Being ‘Bad Boys’ Busted in Cocaine Trafficking Conspiracy

  A s John Dalberg-Acton famously stated, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are  nearly always  bad men…” When society grants authority to people — who are  liable to  corruption —  over and over , these people will use this authority  to counterpoint  themselves and violate the laws of the system that grants them their power.  thanks to  the war on drugs, bad cops are put into positions all the time  that enables  them  to form  money breaking laws which  they're going to  arrest others for violating. Two  of these  corrupt cops are Miami-Dade County officers Roderick Flowers and Keith Edwards Jr. who was arrested last week  for his or her  participation  in a very  cocaine trafficking conspiracy. They were doomed from  the beginning  of this venture, however,  because the  cocaine was fake,  and therefore the  people paying them to traffic  it had been  DEA agents. The bad luck for these self-proclaimed “bad boys” started when the DEA bega