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The innocent father goes to the police after kidnapping him while he is eating with the family

  An investigation is underway  after a viral video captured  metropolis   cops  mistaking an innocent dad for a criminal and kidnapping him  before  his family. The unnamed man was humiliated  ahead  of countless other mall patrons as he was dragged through the food court in handcuffs and out the front doors. “If you don’t want  to urge  arrested or beaten by cops, don’t do anything wrong,” is  one in every of   the foremost  oft-repeated phrases by  those that  constantly apologize for the  despotism .  it's  also constantly proven wrong.  the subsequent  case is  one in all  many  samples of  this phrase being proven wrong. In a video posted to Twitter on Sunday, an innocent  Negro  is seen getting placed in handcuffs and temporarily kidnapped by police as he ate lunch  together with his  family. According to police, they were  trying to find  a  man  who drove a black truck and  once they  spotted this dad eating  together with his  family, they claim he fit  the outline . As t