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The cop who shot and killed an unarmed man on video is on trial.

Daunte Wright was targeted by police for a claimed expired tag only miles from where George Floyd breathed his last breaths on Earth as they were crushed from his body by officer Derek Chauvin. Because the American police state is a violent behemoth incapable of self-control, Wright would be slain within seconds of the stop by those claiming to protect him. Immediately after Wright's death, the police claimed it was an accident, but that quickly changed as footage appeared. Wright "died of a gunshot wound to the chest and the manner of death is murder," the Hennepin County medical examiner determined in April. However, authorities sought to minimise the killing by alleging that the officer who shot Wright, Kim Potter, mistook her taser for her pistol. Regardless of whose weapon she believed she was wielding, her actions resulted in the death of a 20-year-old man. Additionally, the video indicates that she had enough time — five seconds — to establish that the pistol in he