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Cop demonstrates NOT KILLING a man attempting ‘Suicide by Cop'

According to new research on police murders in 2021 conducted by the people at, the majority of police killings occur in response to calls where no crime occurred or when the person is accused of committing a non-violent infraction. "The majority of deaths occurred as a result of police reacting to non-violent acts or circumstances in which no crime was registered," the study adds. Police have repeatedly shown their inability to deal with mental health concerns. Since 2015, police in the United States has murdered over 1,400 persons who were suffering from a mental health crisis. Many of these individuals had never been charged with a crime prior to police arrival. Fortunately, a video released this week by Cook County demonstrates that the training is having an effect. The manner in which police interfered in the video below was so professional and successful that the subject of the film — a police officer attempting suicide — actually requested that

“Hey, Wrong Car!” exclaims the narrator. Before holding an innocent man at gunpoint and cuffing him, cops admit they were wrong.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) is under fire after a TikTok video seems to show police holding a guy at gunpoint and then admitting to one another that they had the incorrect suspect before beating him with a dangerous weapon and briefly kidnapping him. The films were posted in June by @lastcall702, a TikTok user. A similar scenario played out in a sequence of two TikTok videos in which at least six LVMPD squad vehicles and at least seven cops arrived on a traffic stop situation that was already developing. Officers started shouting orders to the driver from behind the open doors of their cars, weapons drawn and aimed in the direction of the automobile. He was told to toss his keys out the window, unbuckle his seatbelt, and exit the car with his back to the armed group who surrounded him. Around the same time, the driver was obeying the police' instructions, additional officers shouted from behind the gun-wielding ones, "Hey! It's the wrong vehicle. “

Cops Taser, Beat the Hell Out of Teens Because They Were Vaping Outside

A group of young men in Ocean City, Maryland, were not bothering anyone when they inhaled from e-cigarettes. When police approached the men and told them about a local ordinance, they stopped smoking and walked away. As one of the men dared to take another puff, police escalated the situation and took him into custody. He was tasered with his hands up, hogtied, and dragged off by police. The officer then shot the man in the leg and killed him after he tried to escape.