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Cop demonstrates NOT KILLING a man attempting ‘Suicide by Cop'

According to new research on police murders in 2021 conducted by the people at, the majority of police killings occur in response to calls where no crime occurred or when the person is accused of committing a non-violent infraction.

"The majority of deaths occurred as a result of police reacting to non-violent acts or circumstances in which no crime was registered," the study adds.

Police have repeatedly shown their inability to deal with mental health concerns. Since 2015, police in the United States has murdered over 1,400 persons who were suffering from a mental health crisis. Many of these individuals had never been charged with a crime prior to police arrival. Fortunately, a video released this week by Cook County demonstrates that the training is having an effect. The manner in which police interfered in the video below was so professional and successful that the subject of the film — a police officer attempting suicide — actually requested that the department broadcast it to demonstrate how properly they handled the matter.

"Not every call is criminal in nature," Officer Ryan Huber, who filmed the footage on his bodycam, said. "At times, it's someone who is acting out or experiencing mental turmoil."

That is precisely what occurred last month when police responded to a report of a guy darting in front of oncoming vehicles and acting erratically while strolling down the street.

"Communications indicated that someone was standing in the centre of Mannheim road attempting to leapfrog traffic," Huber recounted. The guy was making suicide threats. "As he approached me, he continued repeating, 'Shoot me, shoot me, I just want to die.'"

In 9 out of 10 of these encounters, regular users of the PBWW channel website can guess what would happen next. All too often, police officers comply and murder the distressed individual. However, not this time.

Huber employed de-escalation and patience instead of force, shouting, and escalation, with the assistance of his colleague and an officer from another agency who assisted in directing traffic.

Huber told ABC 7 that his CIT training enabled him to engage the guy without escalating the situation — and it worked. All too often, police will encounter someone like the individual in the video below and begin shouting and cursing at them, demanding that they surrender to their power. This never works since the individual is not being reasonable at the moment, and the screaming exacerbates their mental crisis.

The guy swung dozens of times at cops, who might have used it as an excuse to intensify the violence, but did not. Due to the cops' decision not to engage in aggressive behaviour, the individual was not detained and instead received the medical assistance he need.

"Instead of being harmed by the police, he was able to seek assistance, emergency medical care, and psychological therapy for something," Huber added.

According to ABC 7, the entire Cook County Sheriff's Police Department has received critical intervention training over the last many years. Sheriff Tom Dart said that there has been an uptick in occurrences involving mental health.

"We're getting an increasing number of calls where that is the only reason we're there," he said. "We are here to assist you."

Now, if only we could get the other 700,000 cops in America to follow suit.

“Hey, Wrong Car!” exclaims the narrator. Before holding an innocent man at gunpoint and cuffing him, cops admit they were wrong.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) is under fire after a TikTok video seems to show police holding a guy at gunpoint and then admitting to one another that they had the incorrect suspect before beating him with a dangerous weapon and briefly kidnapping him. The films were posted in June by @lastcall702, a TikTok user. A similar scenario played out in a sequence of two TikTok videos in which at least six LVMPD squad vehicles and at least seven cops arrived on a traffic stop situation that was already developing. Officers started shouting orders to the driver from behind the open doors of their cars, weapons drawn and aimed in the direction of the automobile. He was told to toss his keys out the window, unbuckle his seatbelt, and exit the car with his back to the armed group who surrounded him.

Around the same time, the driver was obeying the police' instructions, additional officers shouted from behind the gun-wielding ones, "Hey! It's the wrong vehicle. “Wrong car.” The video's narrator couldn't believe what he'd just heard and said, "These mothers**kers got the incorrect vehicle!" The African American man, who was already standing upright in the street only feet away from a posse with their weapons focused on his back and chest, was agitated. “You have weapons on me, what the f**k do you mean to settle down?” The driver was understandably enraged. Of course, police, like most people, are reluctant to acknowledge when they have made a mistake. So, instead of approaching the guy and saying they had the wrong vehicle and the wrong man, they proceeded with the real detention by putting handcuffs on him.

The large-framed guy was driving a U-haul daily rental van, and the police couldn't help but examine it before reportedly scolding the driver and demanding their own apologies. Unilad news media reports: They quickly arrest him as police examine his van, even knowing it isn't the correct vehicle, before seeming to ask him to apologize to them in exchange for them apologizing for their mistake. ‘Please and thank you, just let me out of these shackles and let me go about my day,' he pleads before being released free.

It comes as no surprise that we are seeing another instance of LVMPD officers being excessively aggressive. One might argue those police officers should be allowed to determine whether or not they should stop a U-Haul rental truck. Sadly for the driver, he was not arrested. If he had been arrested, he might have filed a lawsuit for illegal detention and received a sizable monetary award. Nonetheless, he may be entitled to sue for violation of his constitutional rights at gunpoint. If you or someone you know can identify this driver, we'd want to interview him for his first-hand account. Please contact the PBWW website through our website,

Equally frustrating as not knowing the identity of the driver is being fully aware, thanks to our many articles on the topic of police engaged in mistaken identification, that this occurs every day in the United States of America. Nothing says freedom like being pulled over by a half-dozen police vehicles manned by officers with weapons drawn screaming commands to obey or die in America.

Cops Taser, Beat the Hell Out of Teens Because They Were Vaping Outside

A group of young men in Ocean City, Maryland, were not bothering anyone when they inhaled from e-cigarettes. When police approached the men and told them about a local ordinance, they stopped smoking and walked away. As one of the men dared to take another puff, police escalated the situation and took him into custody. He was tasered with his hands up, hogtied, and dragged off by police. The officer then shot the man in the leg and killed him after he tried to escape.

In Anambra, three people were killed as they clashed with the police.

  Over the weekend, the situation in the Aguleri village, which is located in the Anambra East Local Government Area of the state of Anambra...