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Despite the video showing unarmed dad ill f-duty in Road Rage Fit, Cop is still at work

  Police officers are caught in fits of  violence  all the time. While  force  is an unfortunate reality in America when a  policeman  is involved,  truly  becomes  way more  dangerous as  they need  authority,  and that they  have a gun.  only too  often  cops   are  caught road raging on innocent citizens and  it's  the citizen who suffers.  because the  following case illustrates, even  once they  are caught on video killing unarmed individuals,  they'll  walk free. Officer Wayne Isaacs, while off-duty in July of 2016, opened fire on Delrawn Small  within the  middle of a busy Brooklyn street. The incident was captured on video and showed that Isaacs  failed to   have to  shoot the unarmed Small, yet Isaacs was acquitted of murder and manslaughter charges in November 2017 — a move that left criminal reform justice advocates outraged, and Small’s family devastated. For years, Small’s family has been fighting for justice and has watched on in disbelief  because the  man who ki