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Child sex attack victim Sexually Assaulted by way of Cop Who Shouldn’t have been Assigned to Her Case

  As frequent readers of the PBWW website know,  cops  are arrested weekly  during this  country for sex crimes involving children.  this can be   a large  problem but becomes even worse when victims  of kid  sex abuse  search out  help and run right into the arms  of somebody  even worse than  they're  trying to report. For one girl in  point of entry , Louisiana,  this can be  exactly what happened to her. Last month, the  urban center   local department  arrested  one among  their own officers for sexually assaulting  a toddler . Rodney Vicknair, 53, was arrested and charged with sexual battery, indecent behavior with a juvenile and malfeasance, for sexually assaulting  a baby  while investigating a  sex offense  that she reported. Now, we are learning that this officer had a history of discipline problems and he likely should  have not  had his job when the alleged  regulatory offense   transpire . According to a scathing report from WDSU, Vicknair was disciplined  fourfold   i