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'I Can't Breathe': Cops Taser, Kneel, Stand On Man Until He Dies-Over Opening A Toy In A Store

Lionel Morris, 39, made the terrible selection to get rid of a toy drone from its packaging in a grocery save in an alleged try to thieve it.

Whilst more than one officer from the Conway Police department confirmed as much as the call minutes later, Morris' lifestyles would be over.

Morris took the final breaths he would ever take with multiple police officer combat boots and a knee on his back.

In step with police and the newly launched photos, when officials arrived at the shop, Morris and a woman who was with him, initially complied with officials.

While the employee added over the drone container Morris had allegedly opened, he asked them to throw it in the cart with the relaxation of his groceries and he might purchase it.

The chase did now not remaining lengthy as officers fast tackled Morris interior the shop and began a conflict that would ultimately over six mins.

"the extent of medication Mr. Morris had in his machine and the stress he exerted whilst struggling with police, in the end, led to his demise," Conway Police chief William Tapley says inside the video - who's an apparent scientific expert in addition to the leader of police.

Check this link for the video:

In Anambra, three people were killed as they clashed with the police.

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