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After killing unarmed passenger in a rage, Cop Gets Off the Scot Free

A jury acquitted Yousef Hafza, a veteran cop with 11 years in law enforcement, for the murder of Clarence Howard. Hafza shot Howard in an apparent case of road rage, and the jury decided to side with the cop despite the evidence against him. Howard was not the driver of the vehicle involved in the road rage incident and was merely an innocent passenger. The jury found Hafza not guilty of second-degree murder for killing Howard as the unarmed man reportedly ran away from him. It took years for the details to emerge, however, and prosecutors laid out the case clearly during the trial. The verdict was returned in a Florida court on Tuesday trial will continue.  The victim's family is asking for their family to be compensated for the loss of their loved ones, as well as for the costs of the prosecution's investigation. The shooting occurred in Palm Bay, Florida, and was caught up in a series of high-profile police shootings that have occurred in the area in recent years, including