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Cop Shot at some point of ‘Ambush’, Arrested because He simply Shot Himself and Made all of it Up

  Over the weekend, citizens of Pineville, Louisiana, and the rest of the country had been bowled over as headlines across the net reported that a Pineville Police branch officer became the target of an ambush and turned into the shot. The blue line supporters came out in complete pressure riding domestic the narrative that there is warfare on law enforcement officials. However, after police began investigating the incident, they quickly discovered out that no assault ever befell. On Sunday, police introduced that they have been offering a coins praise for any statistics that caused finding the alleged shooter who ambushed Officer John Michael Goulart Jr., 25. According to the original police report, the officer became shot while getting out of his police car at a shopping mall at approximately 11:20 p.M. A 2d shot hit the officer’s patrol unit on a rear door. On Monday, the police informed the clicking that the officer was treated for his non-existence-threatening accidents and turned