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Cops Across US Hiding Badges & Covering IDs — Shielding Them from Accountability for Violence

Across the country, in dozens of cities, cops are doling out unprecedented violence in the face of angry protests stemming from the murder of George Floyd. Though Floyd’s death was the flashpoint of the unrest, the uprising is now representing something far deeper — systemic abuse by law enforcement of minorities, the poor, and everyone else not directly connected to the establishment. As a result of said police violence, multiple cops have been suspended and or arrested, which is certainly positive. However, countless other incidents involve officers who cannot be identified and as a result of their  anonymous instigation and violence,  there has been no accountability. In multiple states, police are seemingly taking measures to avoid this accountability by removing their name tags or covering their badges. This is in direct violation of most departments’ policies. But no politicians, mayors, governors, or mainstream media seem to care. Cops hiding their identification is