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Cop is being held on suspicion of murdering his son and stuffing him into a hole in the wall.

On June 28th, Latrice Banks, the wife of Eric G. Banks Jr., petitioned Court Ronald Karasic to grant a restraining order against the former United States Marine and current Baltimore police officer, but the judge declined. Dasan Jones (15) would be discovered dead less than two weeks later, and officer Banks would almost certainly now be charged with his murder. Banks had petitioned the court to safeguard her family from the officer, her husband, for alleged emotional abuse and stalking tendencies. Mrs. Banks was forced to share custody of her three children after being denied the court-ordered safeguards she requested. After being unable to reach Dason, who went by the moniker "DJ," on the phone, police were requested to check over him on Tuesday. Officer Banks was already suspended for an unknown departmental violation when police arrived at his Curtis Bay condominium on the 1400 block of Stoney Point Way. While police searched the home for DJ, Banks informed them that the