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Psycho Cop Tasers Innocent Man, saying that he was 'armed with a jug of antifreeze'

  Police officers will use almost any reason to justify the escalation of force and subsequent arrest.  it's  been reported on savage violence dished out by  enforcement   just in case  after case of “contempt of cop” otherwise  called  damaging a cop’s ego. Body camera footage released  in the week  shows exactly that, and this cop has been  dishing out  abuse for years with no accountability —  so far . Cleveland officer John Petkac was finally fired in December after terrorizing his community for years. After his arrest, the department began releasing body camera footage from his past which paints  an image  of a jackboot thug who used his badge to bully, intimidate, and arrest otherwise entirely innocent individuals. In the  most up-to-date  video below, Petkac is seen walking up to an innocent man in  what's  clearly a case of contempt of a cop. For no reason, he tasered, assaulted, and subsequently arrested  the person . The most recent video  is that the  second of three